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Dairy products are one of the main elements of a balanced human nutrition. According to the World Health Organization and the Institute of Nutrition RAMS, consumption of calcium in Russia is almost 2 times lower than the recommended standards. This is why it is so important to include butter, milk, cottage cheese, and other dairy products in your daily nutrition.

Be sure to note that you should choose only natural products. It is recommended that you carefully examine the contents of the product, which should not include any preservatives, diluents, etc., draw attention to the date of manufacture and the package integrity. The quality of butter and other dairy products from "Biomilk" company corresponds to GOSTs and is monitored at all stages of production and during transportation.

How to determine the quality?

To make "Biomilk" dairy products consistently healthful for your immunity and health, we take into account the following factor when selecting suppliers:

  • Literate practices of farming: without the use of pesticides on pastures, growth hormones and antibiotics to milk cows. This leads to the production of high quality milk, butter and other dairy products.
  • We created natural habitats for animals, affecting their good condition.
  • A positive influence to the natural resources, since farms are located in environmentally friendly areas and do not use harmful fertilizers, genetically modified animal feed. They have less waste production, and therefore less pollution of the environment. Organic farm virtually do not have an impact on soil erosion and do not pollute groundwater.
  • Compliance with the standards and a detailed audit of all facilities and agricultural lands.
  • Process of technological production of butter and other products (only from natural raw products) controlled at every stage.

We believe that such an attitude to the production as a result provides exceptional quality and safe dairy products.

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