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Milk after workouts

Milk after workouts

11 april 2015

Fun fact from the TV program BBC Britain's favorite foods.

After a workout, anyone, as a rule, tries to drink more water or sport drink to compensate for fluid loss. However, a new show on BBC proves that a glass of milk will be as effective.

A group of volunteers - students from Birmingham - participated in this research. They were divided into three groups of different drinks: clean water, sport drink, and milk. In the course of the experiment, it was shown that milk is delayed in the body for longer than any other liquid.

The reason for this is that dairy products are slower absorbed, helping your body to maintain rehydration. Electrolytes in the blood, sodium and potassium, balance back. In fact, potassium regulates the water balance and normalizes cardiac rhythm.

Many people link a large intake of dairy products with increase in weight. Nevertheless, a study by the University of Copenhagen shows that weight gain is possible more often due to the intake of skimmed milk, yoghurt or cottage cheese. It turns out that everything depends on the calcium - it allows your body to get rid of extra weight. It is best digested together with protein, dairy sugar, and dairy fat. Therefore, consuming skimmed milk and non-fat dairy products after a workout is not healthy.

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