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"Biomilk" - healthful pleasure

We know for sure that healthy food is the key to an active life. Therefore, natural dairy products from "Biomilk" are healthful pleasure for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the entire family.

The quality starts on the farm

We are confident in the quality and safety of our dairy products, because we comply with all the rules and norms at each stage of production. The process of preparing dairy products begins with premium care for the animals and passes many other stages up to testing the quality in the labs, the delivery to the factory, packaging and transportation for the sale. All of this is necessary to ensure that dairy products from "Biomilk" are healthy and environmentally clean, as intended by nature.

Why customers trust our products:

  • Care for the animals. Our farmers believe that good care for the animals leads to high quality dairy products. Therefore, there are regular veterinary examinations, animals receive only natural pet foods and clean water.
  • Control of the production, storage, and transportation. From farm to your fridge - there is no contact of milk with the environment in order to preserve its properties.
  • The system to test for antibiotics. Before sending each milk lot to the factory, we always perform quality control in laboratory conditions.
  • Natural raw products. In the production process, we do not use any preservatives.

Preserving the benefits of "Biomilk" products for you is our daily task.

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